What is my learning goal?  To understand how to use a number line.

What have I learned? To do my knowledge quickly by doing my number knowledge work.

What is my next step? To work on the number line like  doing .e.g 34 ______________81  will  count
and them take it a way.


What is my learning goal? Organise my ideas into paragraphs and focus on my punctuation

What have I learned?
You start a new paragraph when there is a new speaker, a new place or time.
There are 3 ways to end a sentence (. !  ?)

What is my next step? To organise my ideas into paragraph

TE Reo Maori

We have been learning language about ko Au which means me myself and I.
Something I have learnt to say is I whanau au ki otautahi that means I was born in Christchurch
My next learning step is to say where do you live .


WALT do a poem with a twist.

l learned it can be only two or one words long on each line.

l achieved my goal because at the end I put in a word that makes it so it can't do its thing.

Poem with a Twist:
Getting  ready
Getting steady
No wheels

Next time I will write a different type of poem and use new ideas.

My Mihi

WALT introduce ourselves in Maori.

I  learned  to pronounce words correctly in Maori.

My best sentence is ko ngati pakeha te iwi.

I achieved my goal because I pronounced my mihi correctly.

My next step is to learn my mihi without looking. 


WALT: understand and use new vocabulary.

I learned to recognise new vocabulary.

I achieved my goal because I have recognizes new vocabulary.

Next time I will use a dictionary to find the corect meaning.